ViaSat increases Ku-band capacity on mobile satellite network

ViaSat recently signed four new contracts to augment the total Ku-band capacity of its global mobility network by more than 60 percent. This investment in additional bandwidth will be used for the business growth of the government and general aviation, as well as customer requirements for high data rates for mobile satellite communications.

“This expansion phase is an overlay to our mobile network in key regions around the globe,” ViaSat Global Mobile Broadband GM/VP Paul Baca said in a statement. “This addition will raise the bar for baseline broadband performance and provide a foundation for new service plans.”

The expansion will also help broaden the coverage in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and the Pacific Ocean, among other areas.

ViaSat’s continuous growth in airborne satellite communications was recently highlighted with the company’s delivery of its 500th VR-12 satellite terminal. The ultra-small aperture system has been known as a key technology used by the general aviation and government mobility markets for “office-in-the-sky” business applications, as well as in-flight command and control intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance services for military customers.


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